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W E L C O M E !

My name is Kyndal, and this is my blog! 

I am a Gap Year Mentor for Adventures in Missions. My role is to disciple, love & lead 18-21 year old men and women as they serve all around the world.

My greatest desire is to create a space where others get to experience the overwhelming grace of the Lord that brings freedom in all kinds of depths! To know how intimately they are loved and to in turn give that love away in the midst of a broken and fallen world. Ultimately, to be the vessels that will bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth!

As I write this little intro, it’s currently September 2020, and I am about to meet my FIRST squad as a mentor! This is really exciting for me, and has felt like a fulfilled promise from the Lord. (check out my first Blog to read more about it!)

*Most of my communication with supporters will be through regular emails I will be sending out! If you are reading this, and want to be a part of those updates please send your email to [email protected] *